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The Power of Green Light on the Go 

Explore the bright world outdoors with the MiWear Lab Glasses.

Using Percept's patented MiWear technology, mitigate light sensitivity and experience the benefits of narrow band green light, known to reduce headaches and ease stress, while eliminating blue light for improved sleep and reduced eyestrain.

The MiWear Lab Glasses

The only science backed headache glasses on the market

MiWear Lab Glasses are a must have for any migraine toolkit. Using patented MiWear lenses, you can harness the power of narrow band green light so that you can commit to any activity without worrying about your triggers. Get back to feeling like your true self, seamlessly. 

Reduces Light Sensitivity – Filters harsh brightness, only allowing soothing narrow band green light.

Relaxes Your Brain – Mitigate stimulation and get back to feeling like yourself, naturally.

Perfect for Your Active Lifestyle – Lessen the risk of headache triggers wherever you go.

Patented Technology – Based on groundbreaking research from Harvard Medical School.

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MiWear lens technology delivers an industry standard optical experience with true narrow band green light performance.

MiWear Glasses

vs. Other Headache Glasses

MiWear lenses lenses allow only a very narrow band of green light through. This lens technology filters pain-inducing light better than other headache support eyewear.

“It was a life changer for me ... my head felt so clear and good. I felt like I could dance, I just felt so good, and I haven’t felt that way in years.” 

The colors in full spectrum light create micro-electrical signals in the eyes and brain that can trigger a variety of headache symptoms. Exposure to only a very narrow band of green light can reduce triggers in the brain that cause headaches and disruption to daily activities.

MiWear lenses filter full spectrum light, allowing only narrow band green light to reach your eyes, so that you can soothe headache symptoms, return to normal and improve your quality of life.  

DOI: 10.1093/brain/aww119

Why a true narrow band green light experience is important

Studying how people’s perception of pain changes according to the color of light around them, Prof. Rami Burstein found that headaches felt worse when patients were exposed to blue, red, and yellow lights, but not when they were exposed to a very narrow band of green light. He found that everyday light generated much larger electrical signals in the eyes and the brain than the very special narrow band of green light. Smaller signals, he concluded, were less irritating.

The MiWear Lab glasses filter everyday light, allowing only this very specific, non-irritating, narrow band of green light to reach your eyes. 

"After wearing the MiWear lenses for a day, I went to a basketball tournament full of my triggers – harsh lights, motion and loud sounds. I was able to enjoy the game, headache-free! 

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