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The Desk Light
The Desk Light
The Desk Light
The Desk Light
The Desk Light

The Desk Light

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Experience the benefits of Allay's patented green light technology in a focused area. The Desk Light is perfect for lighting up your workspace or focusing on a book before bed. Its cutting-edge technology features simple touch controls and includes a built-in wireless charger for your phone.

  • Patented narrow-band green light technology
  • One-touch controls for brightness and power
  • Easily switch between headache (Allay) mode and regular light
  • Up to 32-hour battery life with full portability; charges with USB-C
  • Try Allay for 40 days risk-free - love it or get your money back!*

Why the Allay Band of Green Light?

After years of migraine research, Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Rami Burstein discovered a unique narrow band of green light that creates smaller electrical signals in the brain than everyday light.
The result? A calmer brain and a happier you.

Explore the Science

Many have seen the light


"My eyes weren't teary. I wasn't irritable. I actually spent time stretching. I felt relaxed and peaceful – like a different human being."


“Sometimes I feel like I lose days at a time to headaches. Having the opportunity to get that time back is one of the most valuable things I can think of.”


“The Allay Lamp provides enough light for shared family activities without me suffering from the effects of light sensitivity. It's a game changer!


"I use the lamp every morning while showering and getting ready for work, and at night when I'm relaxing before bed. The green light is easy on the eyes and very relaxing."


"I love how I can adjust it to the brightness I need in that moment, whether that is low or high. It is a supplement I am glad to add to my list of relief."


"The green color it emits is so incredibly soothing and is often the only kind of light I can tolerate. I have frequently been lulled to sleep by the soft glow."

How Allay Works

Allay produces a narrow band of green light that lets you get back to your everyday activities. To get the most from your lamp, be sure it’s the only source of light in the room and follow these tips:

Turn it on

Short-press the power button to turn the desk light on/off.

Hold to dim

Your light will always start at the lowest intensity. To increase or decrease the brightness, long-press the power button.

Switch modes

Short-press the power button to toggle between Allay (green) and normal (white) light mode.

Power your devices

Place your wireless charging enabled phone or device on the base of the desk light to charge it.

Fold to store

Your desk light folds for easy storage, or you can just take it with you!

Enjoy the glow

Be sure to use Allay for at least 30 minutes. For the ultimate calming experience, spend two hours or more in its glow!

Allay Lamp vs Desk Light

Allay Lamp vs Desk Light

Lights up an entire room

Great for:


Playing with kids



Illuminates a focused area

Great for:



Games and Puzzles



Allay Lamp

Desk Light

Patented Allay narrow-band green light wavelength

Illuminates an entire room

360 degree coverage

Long-lasting, rechargeable battery

Adjustable touch dimming

Switch seamlessly between Allay and White light

Reviews from Allay Customers

* Risk-free guarantee: If you don’t love your lamp, return it within the first 40 days and we’ll give you a full refund, no matter the reason. See our return policy here.