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Experience Better Sleep Naturally with Allay Lamp

Harness the power of narrow-spectrum green light, scientifically proven to foster a calm and serene sleep environment

Naturally Encourages Sleep – Without the need for sleep aids or medications.

Relaxes Your Brain – The soothing narrow-spectrum green light promotes relaxation.

Perfect Ambience for Bedtime – Bright enough for reading without straining your eyes.

Patented Technology – Based on groundbreaking research from Harvard Medical School.

Improve sleep quality and achieve restful nights.

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The Power of Light on Sleep

We're all acquainted with the toll that disrupted sleep can take. Tossing, turning, and battling with distractions, noises, and harsh lighting can prevent us from obtaining the quality sleep we need.

Light plays an integral role. Blue and red spectrum light signals energize the brain, which can disturb our sleep cycle.

The Allay Lamp's Green Light Revolution

Thanks to the work of Harvard's Dr. Rami Burstein, a specific narrow band of green light has been identified as promoting a sleep-conducive environment.

Allay's patented technology emits this precise band of green light. It stimulates fewer electrical signals in the eye, making it gentle and relaxing — perfect for winding down and preparing for a rejuvenating sleep.

Within just 30 minutes of exposure, the Allay Lamp sets the mood for a night of better sleep.

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The Allay Experience:

Turn it on

Instantly harness the unique spectrum of green light for a calming environment.

Let it shine

Rechargeable via micro-USB with a 32-hour charge, it's perfect for travel or bedside placement.

Embrace the Tranquility

Spend a few moments or hours under this light to set the stage for a restful night.









Why Choose Allay for Sleep?

Allay is the brainchild of renowned researchers and entrepreneurs committed to harnessing the sleep-enhancing power of specific light wavelengths. We've created the ideal solution for:

1. Achieving a deeper, more restful sleep

2. Establishing consistent bedtime routines

3. Winding down without the harsh glare of conventional bulbs

What Our Customers Say

The Allay Lamp has already made a huge difference. It is soothing and helps me relax at night to make sure I am getting enough sleep—one of my major migraine triggers. I'll also add that the customer service has been top notch! Highly recommend.

Kara D.

Verified Buyer

Since its arrival, I've ended my day by Allay's light. Every evening, I switch off all other light sources and get ready for bed using only Allay. After reading for a while, I usually fall asleep within minutes and then sleep through the night.

Jason M.

Verified Buyer

Love our allay light! We use it to relax at night to help us sleep. It's not a headache thing for us. It is a great light to help you sleep. And then it has the magic of when you turn it over and can use it as a regular light. It's just a lovely and healthy addition to our home.

Sharron W.

Verified Buyer

Allay Lamp

vs. Other Green Light Bulbs

True sleep-enhancing light requires precision. While other bulbs might emit green light, Allay's technology ensures only the specific narrow spectrum proven beneficial for sleep.


Harsh wavelengths interrupt sleep patterns.


A mix of wavelengths, including those that can disturb sleep.


The ONLY lamp designed with the optimal green wavelength for promoting sleep.

Endorsements from Sleep Experts

Dr. Rami Burstein, the mastermind behind our narrow-band green light technology, has dedicated his research to understanding the profound effects of light on migraines and sleep quality. His discovery has now empowered countless individuals to take control of their sleep patterns without medication or sleep aids.

The #1 Choice For Relief

See why hundreds of migraine sufferers turn to Allay

“My brain seems to sigh with relief from having the green light on.”

Eileen of Migraine Strong blog

“Upon my first use of the lamp, I was impressed with how it naturally calmed me down”

“It’s another great natural therapy in my migraine toolbox and I use it daily in a variety of ways.”

Sarah of My Migraine Life blog

Guaranteed Better Sleep or Your Money Back

Our commitment goes beyond providing quality products. If, for any reason, the Allay Lamp doesn't revolutionize your sleep, we offer a 40-day money-back guarantee.

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Break Free from Sleep Aids: Rely on natural light instead of pills or gadgets.

Elevate Your Evening Ritual: Calm your mind and prepare your body for quality sleep.

Combat Stress & Anxiety: Create a serene environment that promotes relaxation.

Tackle Light Sensitivity: Ideal for those who spend long hours in front of screens or in brightly lit spaces.

Reclaim Your Nights: Say goodbye to endless tossing and turning. With Allay, enjoy the rejuvenating sleep you deserve.

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