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Naturally soothe headaches and get back to your life

Allay lamp uses narrow-spectrum green light that has been proven to calm your brain during a headache.

All Natural No need for pharmaceuticals

Helps in 30 Minutes Narrow-spectrum green light soothes the brain

Bright Enough For Reading without triggering headache symptoms

Patented Technology Based on research at Harvard Medical School

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Headaches can put you completely out of commission.

Anyone who has ever suffered from headaches understands that it is nearly impossible to function through the pain.

Headaches don't care about your plans or responsibilities. It makes you want to hide away from noise and lights.

But what actually causes headaches?

Light dramatically affects the brain. Blue and red spectrum light generates large signals that energize the brain. This overstimulation can lead to inflammation.

Narrow-spectrum green light has the opposite affect

Harvard's Dr. Rami Burstein has isolated a narrow spectrum of green light that allows you to function without discomfort.

Allay's patented narrow band of green light generates considerably less electrical signal in the eye and therefore doesn't hurt people with light sensitivity.

After just 30 minutes with your Allay Lamp, you can calm your brain and get back to feeling normal

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Just 30 minutes can put your brain at ease

Most headache solutions require either pharmaceuticals or unproven devices with dubious scientific backing.

Allay Lamp is based on over 10 years of research from one of the world's leading research hospitals.

The studies show that everyday light, made up of all the colors of light – red, yellow, green, blue, etc., generates large electrical signals in the eye and brain, which tend to hurt people with light sensitivity.

In contrast, a very specific narrow band of green light - which is the only light emitted by the Allay Lamp - generates small electrical signals in the eye and brain and therefore does not hurt people with light sensitivity.

Turn it on

Allay instantly filters light to only emit the narrow spectrum of green light that's been proven not to trigger light sensitivity.

Let it shine

Allay lamp is rechargable via micro-USB. It holds a charge for up to 32 hours. Many of our customers choose to travel with their Allay lamps.

Enjoy the glow

Just 30 minutes under narrow-band green light can begin to calm and soothe your eyes and brain. Some users choose to use it for up to 2 hours for even better results.









Why Allay?

Allay was founded by a team of migraine researchers and entrepreneurs as a way to help those who suffer from light sensitivity and headaches. We're dedicated to providing effective, natural solutions that help you to get back to feeling your best.

What Our Customers Say

I have chronic migraine and [Allay] is the only light source that does not trigger my symptoms. Moreover, it actually decreases my migraine related pain and reduces my anxiety.

Pia H.

Verified Buyer

When I have a migraine, this is the only light that doesn’t feel like 1000 blinding suns! I even bubble wrapped it and brought it with me on a trip.

Amy G.

Verified Buyer

Started using Allay as to help with my migraines which were chronic episodes. So far I have been using Allay for 3 weeks an hour before sleep and haven't had an episode or taken medication. It's truly impressive

Manuel O.

Verified Buyer

Allay Lamp

vs. Other Green Light Bulbs

Not all green light is created equal. The critical element in Allay's light is the very narrow spectrum of green light that our lamp emits. Other green light solutions include a wider spectrum of light - including wavelengths that can stress the brain.


include red and blue wavelengths, which irritate the eyes and brain.


emit a wide spectrum of colors, including irritating amounts of red and blue light.


is the ONLY light on the market that emits pure green wavelengths.

Developed by Migraine Experts

The patent behind our narrow-band green light technology belongs to Dr. Rami Burstein.

Prof. Burstein dedicates his time to helping those who suffer from headaches and pain. The main focus of his clinical and laboratory studies at Harvard is to explain how different parts of the brain cause a person’s experience of migraine, including areas such as emotions, headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, pain, and difficulty concentrating.

When Harvard Medical School Professor Rami Burstein discovered he had isolated a natural band of light that could help people with light sensitivity get back to their everyday lives, his dream was to create a lightbulb that would help them function without discomfort.

The #1 Choice for headache Sufferers

See why hundreds of headache sufferers turn to Allay

“My brain seems to sigh with relief from having the green light on.”

Eileen of Migraine Strong blog

“Upon my first use of the lamp, I was impressed with how it naturally eased my symptoms.”

“It’s another great natural therapy in my migraine toolbox and I use it daily in a variety of ways.”

Sarah of My Migraine Life blog

Get results or your money back

We care deeply about customer satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our product. That's why your order is secured with our satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason Allay lamp doesn't meet your needs, we'll happily refund you within 40 days of purchase - no questions asked.


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