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New headache study from University of Arizona researchers supports daily green light exposure for migraine patients

Daily exposure to Narrow band Green Light (NBGL) can cut both frequency and intensity of headaches by more than 60%; findings add to a body of research suggesting that the narrow band green light emitted by the Allay Lamp can aid migraine patients

New York, NY (September 17, 2020) — An independent, peer-reviewed study published this month by University of Arizona researchers found that daily exposure to the wavelength of green light produced by the Allay Lamp can significantly reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of migraine headaches for patients with chronic and episodic migraine. 

The new study published in Cephalalgia, the official journal of the International Headache Society,  evaluated the migraine symptoms and quality of life of patients who spent 1-2 hours per day with a Narrow band Green Light (NBGL) for ten weeks. The patients also did the same with a regular white light. 

Daily NBGL exposure reduced the number of days patients experienced headaches from 19 days to 7 days on average. The pain intensity of those headaches also fell, on average, from 8 to 3 on a ten point pain scale. Additionally, data from patient surveys showed significant improvements across a number of quality of life metrics, including ability to work, exercise and complete household tasks.

Nearly 90% of migraine patients find that light exacerbates their headache symptoms, prompting them to seek out completely dark environments. Previous research conducted by Harvard Medical School professor Rami Burstein and colleagues has found that during migraine, exposure to every color of light worsened headache intensity — except for the NBGL, which alleviated headache intensity, reduced throbbing and muscle tenderness, and was most commonly describe by patients as soothing, calming and relaxing. 

The new study suggests that acute migraine symptom relief might not be the only application of green light therapy. Here, daily usage of green light therapy was shown to provide substantial benefits to patients beyond the period of time they were exposed to the NBGL.

“This study is yet another powerful testament to the life-changing power of green light therapy,” said Ajay Kori, co-founder of Allay. “For people who are looking for non-invasive, non-pharmacological solutions to improve their lives, green light therapy is a simple and effective option. Every day we hear how powerful green light has been for our customers.”

The patent-pending Allay Lamp was created by scientists and entrepreneurs to bring green light therapy from the realm of research to individuals in need. The lamp allows light sensitive individuals to continue daily tasks which they would be unable to perform in a dark room, and reduces the social isolation that light sensitivity causes. The Allay Lamp is the only commercially-available product that  delivers precise NBGL to migraine patients.

The company hopes that more independent research will be done to further explore the benefits of green light therapy for both acute and prophylactic therapy of migraine and other neurological diseases. 

About Allay
Allay was founded by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs to bring a potentially life-changing innovation from the lab to individuals in need. Green light therapy is a safe, affordable and effective solution for light sensitivity, and is backed by some of the nation’s foremost migraine experts. 

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